Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy


Management Consultancy

As one of Abu Dhabi’s most trustable Management Consultants, we offer our expertise in not just financial management, but also integrate services that cater to other managerial aspects of your business.

Business Evaluation

Our Competent Business Evaluation Studies can help businesses with corporate governance and regulatory compliance and our risk management team can resolve joint venture disputes, cover major acquisitions and more, thus reducing the gap between intrinsic and market value.

Feasibility Study

A thorough feasibility study can help organizations get a good estimate to successfully complete every project that they wish to start. We help our valued clients to find an appropriate financial solution using our vast experience in the field and understanding the root cause of what concerns your business.

Standard Operating Procedure Design And Implementation

To ensure your business operation functions in alignment to the industry regulations and provincial laws, our expert team offers to standardize your business process by developing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manuals and policies that are set according to the best practices in the industry.

Supply Chain Design And Implementation

Our supply chain experts work closely with key stakeholders to integrate industry leading practices and tailor business solutions to meet the organization’s needs of satisfying their customer’s changing needs, maintaining the speed of delivery, overall performance and more through our Supply Chain Management Services.

Marketing Strategy And Execution

A Business is only as solid as its financial and marketing strategy. Our area of expertise in Marketing Strategy Creation and Implementation can offer you vast opportunities to stand out in this ever-growing market. We collaborate with our Media partner - Eighty Six Media, to design & develop performance based strategies & implement them.

Human Resource Audit And Consultancy

A Human Resource Audit can help improve your company's existing policies, procedures and standard practices by understanding your company’s history and implementing solutions to improve its performance, working culture and effectiveness at large.

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