Filing and management to help your business thrive.

Every individual or a business regardless of its size needs to manage their finances to ensure the company’s growth. We at TAM, help them get away from the hassle of managing their finances by assisting with VAT regulations & procedures so they can focus on achieving better results. 

With the extensive experience of our advisors who’ve worked with several reputed firms in Abu Dhabi, we’ll help you with practical solutions to minimize your tax exposure using legitimate VAT Planning Methods.


Benefits of VAT

Filing your returns is a vital part of running your business, no matter how small scale or large scale it is. However, this can be a taxing task. But, here are some benefits of outsourcing your VAT operations that you must know:

Our Team is readily available to assist you with VAT Laws and regulations, at every step of the process. Click here to get in touch with us.


Electronic filing of returns


Lower Costs


Weekly Engagement Status Reports


Reduced Risk


Financially Strong Business


Frequently Asked Questions

Why outsource CFO Services?

CFO Service Providers are amongst the key leaders in a business’ growing operations. CFO Services can help your business keep together its finances and elevate the use of all your income streams. If you’re looking to outsource CFO Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, consult with us today!

When do I really need CFO Services?

If your company is growing at a rapid speed, or if you need expertise on understanding your company’s financial performance, CFO Services can help. If you’re looking for CFO Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi– you’ve landed on the right page. Get in touch with us today!

Do you provide year-round services?

Yes, our CFO Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi are available all year round. And, if you require something as short as a consultation with our Experts, we can provide you with that as well.